From Color to Certificates: 3 Tips When Shopping for Emerald Jewelry

Over the years, as jewelry making processes and techniques improved, emeralds are used more and more as side or even main stones in various types of jewelry. In fact, a quick search in online directories like Find A Jewelry Expert can lead you to jewelry stores in San Francisco that have an impressive collection of emerald pieces. So how do you know that you’re about to purchase a high-quality and genuine emerald? Here are three tips to get you the best emerald possible.

Learn about color.

While the four Cs of diamond fame apply here, the most important element for an emerald is color. Emeralds have three color-related components: hue, or what color the stone appears to the naked eye; tonal color, which is figured on a range from very light to very dark; and saturation, the strength or intensity of the color.


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