Trendy Engagements: The Hottest Trends in Engagement Rings Today


New York City exudes style, glamor and nightlife. Nearly every type of luxury can be found in New York. When seeking out engagement rings in NYC, you need help choosing the right jewelry store. To help you begin your search for that one perfect ring, you may want to get some ideas from the hottest trends on engagement rings today.

What’s Hot in Engagement Rings?

Styles in jewelry change just as does other types of fashion. Shoes and clothing are not expected to be worn for decades, however. Therefore, choosing the right engagement ring for investing in your future can be daunting.

The most popular color of metal for engagement ring settings continues to be a silver colored setting. You can choose from silver, white gold or platinum for a ring setting. White gold and platinum engagement rings to enhance the sparkle and brightness of a clear, white diamond and show it off to the stone’s best effect.

Yellow gold and rose gold settings are available for those who want something a bit more unique for their engagement ring and wedding band setting. Your good taste dictates which material to choose for your engagement ring setting.

Engagement Ring Styles

A solitaire remains the classic choice for an engagement ring setting. A solitaire setting focuses upon the single diamond, allowing the beauty of the individual diamond to shine. Solitaire engagement rings also have side diamonds and are accompanied by a plain or diamond encrusted wedding band. The classic solitaire setting’s popularity has been usurped by the halo setting in recent years.

A halo setting engagement ring contains a large center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. Cushion, square, princess, oval or emerald stones are frequently chosen as the focal center stone. A halo setting can be done tastefully using a smaller diamond as the focal point because the surrounding diamonds make the center diamond look larger.

Larger diamonds also look lovely when surrounded by smaller accent stones. No matter what size of diamond you choose for the center stone, your beloved will certainly appreciate the beauty of an engagement ring with a halo setting.

Many other styles of engagement rings are available to suit even the most discriminating tastes. Many jewelers provide options for the engaged couple to create a ring of their design, too.