Sharing the Love: Choosing Jewelry in Time for Valentine’s Day


Jewelry makes an excellent choice for a gift for any occasion or a nice surprise at any time of the year, but jewelry makes a lovely gift choice for the Month of Love. You can find a piece of jewelry to fit the bill for any Valentine’s Day gift. No matter which occasion for which you purchase jewelry, finding an expert among jewelry stores in the San Francisco area will be your first step in a jewelry purchase.

What Type of Jewelry to Choose

Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces make wonderful presents. Or if you’d like to impress that lady friend of yours, purchase a parure. “Parure” means a set of matching jewelry items. Almost any lady will appreciate a matching set of earrings and a complimentary necklace.

Be a Jewelry Detective

If you don’t know what type of jewelry item to purchase, look at what the person usually wears. If they love earrings, they will wear a variety of earrings. You may then decide to add to their earring collection. If you notice that special someone wears lots of yellow gold, you may feel safe in purchasing yellow gold jewelry him or her.

Which Jewelry Do You Choose?

Birthstone jewelry purchases make a considerate, thoughtful gift. Once you know your friend’s birth date, selecting a piece of jewelry that has a setting with the birthstone included. For instance, if your friend has a birthday in December, a blue topaz or blue zircon set of earrings makes a lovely gift. Young ladies appreciate birthstone rings as gifts, too.

Perhaps your friend or relative has a favorite stone. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires display your good taste. If you know your Mom likes rubies, a ruby pendant makes a great addition to her ruby collection. If you purchase a gift for your mother, she may also appreciate receiving a present that has your birthstone set in a bracelet or earrings.

Jewelry remains a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets don’t need to be sized, though bracelets do come in various lengths. Choose a beautiful piece of new jewelry for your next gift giving occasion to make a hit with that special someone.