The Gift of Jewelry: Finding the Right Jewelry Store in Chicago


If you live in Chicago or the neighboring suburbs, you have many jewelers from which to choose. How will you pick the right one from the large selection of jewelry stores? Start by shopping online to get an idea of the store’s offerings and customer service. Preliminary shopping online will help you eliminate jewelry stores that don’t suit your taste or purposes.

What are the Characteristics of an Excellent Jewelry Store?

Not all jewelry stores offer the best jewelry for the best prices. Look for a few characteristics in jewelry stores to help you find the right jeweler and jewelry store. How do you know your jewelry store of choice is reputable? Start with a look at the shop’s customer service ratings. You may be able to find customer service ratings and ranks online or on the store’s website. Comments made by previous customers will give you a good idea of the store’s level of customer service.

Are the Jewelers Well Trained?

Unless you are a gemstone or jewelry expert, you will depend upon your jeweler or jewelry store sales associate to guide you through the purchase of your diamond, ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet. A reputable will have the jeweler’s credentials prominently posted in the store. Look for GIA certified or has a trained gemologist on site to answer your questions, especially if you are purchasing diamond bridal jewelry.

What Services Does the Store Provide?

Can your jewelry store repair jewelry? Can they repair or size rings? Choose a jewelry store that can provide you with any services you may need during and after the purchase of a piece of jewelry. Will your jewelry store provide free ring checks for your fine diamond rings? A good jeweler will clean and inspect your jewelry at no or a minimal charge. Diamond engagement and wedding rings should be inspected routinely to make sure the setting prongs hold the diamonds in the ring securely.

Store Policies and Financing

You may be able to check out a jewelry store’s return policies and to finance online before you visit the store to shop. Return policies become crucial if you are purchasing and engagement ring or gift. If you are planning on financing your jewelry purchase you can consider your financing options online before your shop.