Choosing the Best Jeweler for Engagement Rings and Jewelry Pieces


Jewelry is considered by most people as a luxury, but when the time comes for you to purchase one, you must make sure that your luxurious investment will be worth it. You need to find the right store among jewelry stores in Austin to find that one of a kind jewelry piece that you can cherish forever. You won’t find that just anywhere.

A Listener

Make sure the jeweler listens to you. The focus should be on you at all times. Red flags would include being pushy or focusing only on high price items. They should guide you and you should not feel overwhelmed.


Make sure the jeweler is established and credentialed. Choose someone with whom you can establish a long relationship and has good reviews. Do your research. You also want someone that will be available in ten years when you need an anniversary gift.


Make sure the jeweler is knowledgeable. Anyone in store should be able to answer your questions or point you in the direction of someone who can.

Numerous Services Offered

Make sure the jeweler offers a wide array of services. Do they make custom pieces? Can they repair and resize your jewelry? Does the store offer a wide selection? You should have plenty to choose from without feeling overwhelmed.

Terms Specified

Make sure there is a fair policy with refunds and returns. You never know what could happen so you need to be prepared, just in case.

One You can Trust

Make sure you can trust the jeweler. Were they recommended by a friend or family member or have a reputation within the community? As a test, you may want to purchase a lower end item and rate the experience for yourself.

Asking yourself these questions is very important. The answers ensure that you have found the right jeweler for your needs. You want to make sure you can trust them in finding the right one among engagement rings. The selection has to be there as well as service. Jewelry is not a place to skimp or be cheap, as it is a big commitment and a high price point.