Know the 4 C’s of Diamond Quality Before Visiting Chicago Jewelers

The diamond engagement ring has been the foremost symbol of betrothal for so long. In choosing such rings, though, one has to know the so-called “Four C’s” of diamond quality, a metric considered as important as a new car’s horsepower, fuel efficiency, and safety ratings.
A diamond’s four C’s are all based on the gem’s rarity—the rarer the C, the more it contributes to the price. All four C’s are completely independent of one another, meaning one C cannot explicitly state a specific piece’s overall value. The Four C’s metric has been around for a fairly short time (there wasn’t a universal standard until the mid-20th Century). Today, judging a diamond’s overall value is done entirely with the Four C’s, all of which you need to understand before shopping for a ring at various Chicago jewelers.


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